Clean & Sleek
Paperboard Display Solution

Way Display is a patented paperboard display solution for mass distribution of bulbs, flowers and various plants. Clean, sleek, appealing, and free of moisture or bugs, One Way Display, the most effective display alternative to better showcase your products.
Made from recycled paper and 100% recyclable One Way Display can be used either indoors or outdoors. Stacking from 2 to 6 levels, robust and sturdy, with a load capacity up to 1500 lbs, One Way Display can be customized the way you want with a half or full pallet.
Designed & engineered for efficient 1 time execution thru DC’s of the largest retailers, resulting in a better service at reasonable costs for all customers no matter how far. The One Way Display system simply provides the best solution for retailers & growers alike. No more logistics headaches, no more pre-handling of flowers, no more warehousing or returns of empty racks.

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